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Individual S'mores Kit (Custom)

Once you have selected your base design, it will be printed on all the marshmallows or graham crackers in the box.


Each box includes a full setup for each person, consisting of two graham crackers, two pieces of chocolate, and one marshmallow.


Please note that only one print upload is allowed per order.


Minimum 6

Individual S'mores Kit (Custom)

  • - Files must NOT contain fonts that are less than 6 points in size and/or lines less than 0.5 points in thickness. 


    -Acceptable file formats include: JPG, PNG and PDF

    -Photo submissions MUST be high-resolution images. (at least 300dpi at 100% imprint size)

    -No photos with dark backgrounds.

    - We reserve the right to edit text & color to make the best possible image. In the event of noticeable changes, we will contact you.

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